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Douglas D. Richman

Douglas Richman


  • M.D.

Current Position(s): 

  • Director of the AIDS Research Institute

  • Distinguished Professor of Pathology and Medicine

Personal Statement: 

Dr. Richman has focused his research for the past 30+ years on HIV disease and pathogenesis. Dr. Richman's laboratory was the first to identify HIV drug resistance. His lab joined two others in identifying latently infected CD4 cells as the obstacle to eradication of HIV with potent antiretroviral therapy. The lab described the dynamics of the neutralizing antibody response to HIV and the rapidity of viral escape and evolution in response to this selective pressure. Current studies are focused on latency and the eradication of the HIV reservoir with a special focus on developing methods to measure and characterize the reservoir – an objective essential for the informed design and conduct of eradication strategies.

Reference 3 below proposed the creation of the Delaney Collaboratories.  Over the past 5 years Dr. Richman's lab has focused on developing precise, sensitive practical assays to measure the latent reservoir, which is critical to characterizing the target that must be eradicated and to reliably measure the impact of candidate curative interventions.

Professional History:

  • 1976-2006       Staff Pathologist and Chief, Clinical Virology Section, VA Medical Center, San Diego

  • 1988-2006       Director, Research Center for AIDS and HIV Infection of the San Diego Veteran's Affairs Medical Center

  • 1976-present   Staff Physician, San Diego VA Healthcare System

  • 1976-1982       Assistant Professor of Pathology and Medicine (Infectious Diseases) University of California, San                                      Diego (UCSD)

  • 1982-1988       Associate Professor of Pathology and Medicine, University of California San Diego

  • 1989-2009       Professor of Pathology and Medicine, University of California, San Diego

  • 2009-present   Distinguished Professor of Pathology and Medicine, University of California, San Diego

  • 2000-present   Director, UCSD Center for AIDS Research and UCSD AIDS Research Institute


  • Dartmouth College, Hanover, NH                              1965                English

  • Stanford University, Stanford, CA                             1970                Medicine

  • Laboratory of Infectious Diseases, NIAID                 1972-1975      Virology

  • Beth Israel & Children’s Hospitals, Boston, MA       1975-1976       Infectious Diseases

Awards and Honors: 

  •       1970                 Alpha Omega Alpha, Stanford University

  •       1970                 Lowell Rantz Award in Infectious Diseases, Stanford University

  •       1984-1985       Fellow of the John Simon Guggenheim Foundation

  •       1984-1985       Visiting Fellowship, Clare Hall, University of Cambridge

  •       1993                 Howard Temin Award for Clinical Sciences for Scientific Excellence in the Fight Against HIV/AIDS

  •       2002                 Department of Veterans Affairs William S. Middleton Award

  •       2004                 Florence Seeley Riford Chair in AIDS Research,

  •       2010                 Doctor honoris causa, University of Lausanne

National/Global Website: Google Scholar - NCBI

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