Metabolism Core


Provides excess human muscle and adipose tissue cultured cells for use of a tool to rapidly and effectively evaluate the biologic activity of new compounds in human muscle tissue using receptor reporting systems. Performs metabolic flux assays on cells.



Metabolism Core Costs

Cell culture: propagate hSMC from biopsy*

  • Institutional Client: $1,760

  • Outside Client: $2,492

Provide excess hSMC

  • Institutional Client: $330

  • Outside Client: $467

Maintain/treat adipose tissue or adipocytes in culture

  • Institutional Client: $630/biopsy sample

  • Outside Client: $892

Adipose tissue: isolate adipocytes

  • Institutional Client: $250

  • Outside Client: $354

Glucose uptake in adherent cells (2-4 plates)

  • Institutional Client: $440

  • Outside Client: $623

Determination of radioactivity in samples, correcting for counting efficiency and quenching

  • Institutional Client: $3.30/sample (performed in duplicate)

  • Outside Client: $4.40/sample ​​(performed in duplicate)

FFA oxidation in adherent cells (2-4 plates)

  • Institutional Client: $480

  • Outside Client: $680

Glucose transport in suspended cells: cells either isolated by Metabolism Core or provided by client

  • Institutional Client: $525

  • Outside Client: $743

Pyrogenicity testing

  • Institutional Client: $1,188

  • Outside Client: $1,682

Assay: glucose specific activity in plasma

  • Institutional Client: $423 (per assay)

  • Outside Client: $599 (per assay)

Calculation of glucose production and utilization

  • Institutional Client: $220

  • Outside Client: $343

Multiplex analysis of cytokines (1 plate)

  • Institutional Client: $170 or $400

  • Outside Client: $241 or $566

Multiplex equipment operation

  • Institutional Client: $110

  • Outside Client: N/A

Long-term sample storage (-80ºC)

  • Institutional Client: $5.50/box/month

Research data retrieval and collation

  • Institutional Client: $29/hour

  • Outside Client: $41/hour

Contact Information

Ted Ciaraldi, PhD 

(858) 552-8585 Ext. 6450


Leslie Carter

(858) 552-8585 Ext. 7328


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