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Microimaging Core

Paraffin embedding and sectioning

We can embed and cut your tissue using our TP1020 automated tissue processor, with fully customizable dehydration and infiltration sequences and times, to suit your tissue needs.

Whole-slide and targeted imaging


After cutting and staining, we can scan all your slides in their entirety, at high resolution (up to 40x objective) using a Zeiss slide scanner. Or, for more targeted imaging, we can take photos (transmitted or fluorescent) of your regions of interest.

Mouse lung H&E

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Polarized light - human tendon, varying levels of collagen disorganization

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human bone (tibia)

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Mouse lung H&E

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Microimaging Core Equipment

Internal Pricing VMRF/UCSD

Histology Technician & Handling Time (Total)    55$/Hr



  • Frozen Embedding    5$/Sample

  • Frozen Sectioning    6$/Slide

  • Paraffin Processing/Embedding    10$/Sample

  • Paraffin Sectioning    3.5$/Slide

  • H&E Staining    4$/Slide

  • Special Staining, starting at    8$/Slide

  • Immunostaining (with your provided antibody)    45$/Slide

Equipment Use:  

  • VevoMD Ultrasound    60$/Hr

  • IVIS (In Vivo Imaging System)    50$/Hr

  • Confocal Microscopy    43$/Hr

  • Light Microscopy    10$/Hr

  • Microdissection            30$/Hr

  • Transmission Electron Microscopy    75$/Hr


Consultation/Training Time:  

  • Microscopy (Light/Confocal), IVIS, LMD, EM    100$/Hr

  • Radiologist (VevoMD)    200$/Hr


Additional Material Fees:  

  • Slide Box, Small    5$

  • Slide Box, Large    15$

Time billed in 15min increments, minimum 1hour..

External Pricing

Histology Technician & Handling Time (Total)    85$/Hr



  • Frozen Embedding    8$/Sample

  • Frozen Sectioning    9$/Slide

  • Paraffin Processing/Embedding    15$/Sample

  • Paraffin Sectioning    6.5$/Slide

  • H&E Staining    7$/Slide

  • Special Staining, starting at    11.5$/Slide

  • Immunostaining (with your provided antibody)    65$/Slide

Equipment Use:  

  • VevoMD Ultrasound    100$/Hr

  • IVIS (In Vivo Imaging System)    72$/Hr

  • Confocal Microscopy    62$/Hr

  • Light Microscopy    15$/Hr

  • Microdissection            43$/Hr

  • Transmission Electron Microscopy    110$/Hr


Consultation/Training Time:  

  • Microscopy (Light/Confocal), IVIS, LMD, EM    145$/Hr

  • Radiologist (VevoMD)    290$/Hr


Additional Material Fees:  

  • Slide Box, Small    7.5$

  • Slide Box, Large    22$


Time billed in 15min increments, minimum 1hour..


The Microimaging Core Facility is located in the west wing of the 6th floor of the VA San Diego Healthcare Systems Hospital. 


For information, to set up an order, or to set up a training appointment, please see contact box:

Jonathan Wong

Qingbo Tang

Tel: 858-552-7411


Users are welcome to use choose to have our staff provide full service (see technician charge) or to coordinate a training session to use equipment themselves.

We ask that all users of this facility be respectful of other's schedules. Please arrive on time and conclude by transferring your images before the next person's appointment begins. If you know that you will be late for your appointment, please contact the Core Facility. Please remember that if you are late your time may be cut short if there is somebody scheduled directly after you.

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