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Translational Virology Core


The Translational Virology Core facilitates the acquisition, processing and cryostorage of clinical specimens for clinical trial participants of San Diego CFAR-affiliated studies. The Core also performs a variety of basic science and clinical assays that are essential for clinical, translational, and basic science research for investigators within UC San Diego as well as outside researchers.


The CFAR Translational Virology Core provides the general services itemized below:

  • Collect, process, cryostore, ship and track specimens, including plasma, sera, PBMC, CSF, genital secretions, and viral isolates from research trials participants including the ACTG, First Choice Program, Early Intervention Program, Early Test, CNICS, CCTG, PEPFAR, pharmaceutical sponsored studies and other studies performed by CFAR investigators

  • Quantify HIV-1 from various clinical specimens and in vitro assays

  • HIV phenotypic assays including drug susceptibility, co-receptor and antibody sensitivity assays

  • FDA-approved HIV resistance genotyping of RT and protease genes

  • Population-based, clonal, and single genome sequencing of various coding regions

  • Host genetic assays including high resolution HLA typing

Pricing Information

For pricing information regarding the Translational Virology Core, please click on the button that will direct you to the pricing page:

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