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Pharmacy Service Recharge Core

The Investigational Drug Service

The Investigational Drug Service through the Research Service and Pharmacy Service will assist Investigators in conducting clinical research. All investigational drugs at the VA Medical Center MUST go through the Pharmacy.

Services the Investigational Drug Service Provides:​

  • Meeting with company sponsors for protocol and pharmacy procedures review.

  • Ordering and handling shipments of investigational drugs.

  • Ordering and handling shipments of controlled substances.

  • Compounding support for double blind studies.

  • Patient randomization schedules for study protocols.

  • Investigational drug dosing adjustments based on drug levels (Non-blinded investigator).

  • Record keeping for investigational drugs (dispensing, inventory control).

  • Drug information sheet (VA Form 10-9012).

  • Unit dose with bar code for inpatient services.

  • All pharmacy investigational drug requirements to meet hospital policies.

Fees for VA, VMRF, and UCSD:

Protocol Set-Up Fee: $1,700 – One-time fee:

  • Preparing pharmacy notebook

  • Meeting with sponsor

  • Setting up procedures

  • Preparing drug information sheet

Annual Maintenance Fee: $800 - Billed on anniversary date of initial Protocol Set-Up.

  • Update approvals

  • Checking out dates

  • Temperature logs

  • Monitor visits

Closure Fee: $450 – One-time fee:

  • Final accountability

  • Drug destruction or return

  • Document storage

Dispensing Charges per Dose: (does not include cost of drug)

  • Outpatient Prescription - $25

  • IV Preparation - $30 to $75

  • Chemotherapy - $100

  • Viral Vectors - $100

  • Ordering and handling controlled substances - $15/Green Sheet

  • Special compounding - $100 per hour


Drug budget for grant submission: No Charge

For more information:

Stephen D. Funk, Pharm.D.

Phone: (858) 552-8585 x5335
Fax: (858) 642-6204

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