Research fMRI Core


The fMRI Research Core provides functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging facilities and services to research Investigators. MRI scanning capabilities include an array of sequences for evaluating brain activation, which can be combined with auditory and visual stimulation systems. These systems include MRI compatible, fiber-optic goggles, with eye-tracking functionality, and headphones for delivering stimuli from a computer to the scanning bore. Patients can respond to stimuli in real-time using a 4-choice, response box and precise timestamp acquisition allows for accurate behavioral analysis. In addition, a comprehensive set of body and extremity coils allow for high resolution anatomical scans on any bodily area of interest to researchers.

Pricing Information:

The cost for utilization of fMRI Core services is $450 per hour.

Hours of operation:

Research scanning is conducted primarily on Saturdays, but weekday scanning can be made available depending on the number of patients that research labs are able to generate.


All scanning is done on a 3 Tesla, Siemens Skyra system, which is located at the MRI Suite (Room 115) of the VA San Diego Healthcare System.

For information regarding fMRI Core services and patient scheduling:

Brittney L. Steele

(858) 552-8585 x2872


3350 La Jolla Village Drive

San Diego, CA 92161


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