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FACS Recharge Core

Services Offered

The Core functions as a CLIA-certified diagnostic laboratory for billable clinical tests performed by flow cytometry. The research division functions as the FACS Core laboratory that performs specialized flow cytometry tests for individual funded grants from VA, University of California, San Diego, University of California, Irvine, and Department of Defense.

The Core houses 2 Becton Dickinson FACSCanto, capable of performing up to 8-color flow cytometry and two off site work stations for data analysis. Some of the research protocols include surface, intracellular and nuclear immunophenotype of cell types. Tests not offered are flow sorting or cell cycle analysis (see Flow Cytometry Core for these services).

Ms. Jessica Hughes

(858) 552-8585 Ext. 4379


Dr. Jessica Wang-Rodriguez

(858) 552-8585 Ext. 3511

Contact Information
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