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Robert Terkeltaub

Robert Terkeltaub


  • M.D.

Current Position(s): 

  • VA Section Chief, Rheumatology

  • Professor of Medicine, UCSD

Personal Statement: 

Dr. Terkeltaub's qualifications as a VMRF investigator are founded on his extensive experience as a rheumatology clinician, educator, mentor, and administrator, as a physician-scientist in translational inflammation and osteochondral biology, as a clinical-translational researcher in clinical trials and outcomes, and as an investigator engaged peer review, including major journal editorial responsibilities. Dr. Terkeltaub has a strong publication record, and over 30 years of continuous NIH and VA research funding. He has an extensive mentoring record, with continued, active training of successful grad students, Ph.D. postdoctoral fellows, and subspecialty Fellows, and have served as Associate Director of a prior UCSD T32 Rheumatic Diseases for a decade, and now PI of the first cycle of the new UCSD NIH T32 Rheumatology Training Grant, which he has steadily reshaped and broadened to be multi-institutional and multi-disciplinary. Dr. Terkeltaub's lab, with his past trainees and mentees (including Drs. Ru Liu-Bryan, Kristen Johnson, Denise Merz-Cecil, Frank Rutsch), several remaining active collaborators, has achieved pioneering work in innate immunity-modulated and metabolically regulated chondrocytic pro-catabolic and pro-calcifying differentiation therapy targets, including in the arterial vasculature in rare genetic diseases. In the space of gout and crystal arthropathy, Dr. Terkeltaub has carried out seminal basic and clinical research studies and trials on mechanisms of inflammation and their control, and driven implementation medicine for landmark ACR gout management guidelines. He directs, and personally teach 11 hours of material in the UCSD medical school preclinical Rheumatology course, and served as UCSD Rheumatology Fellowship Director for 19 years. Dr. Terkeltaub's administrative experience includes past service as UCSD Rheumatology, Allergy-Immunology Division Head, and he is the founding President of the G-CAN global research consortium Last, Dr. Terkeltaub is Co-Editor of (and first ever appointee as Review Articles Editor in the long history of the journal).

Professional History:

  • Chief, VA Rheumatology Section, VASDHS, 1985-Present

  • Assistant Professor of Medicine, UCSD,1985-1992

  • Research Scientist, VMRF, 1992-Present

  • Associate Professor of Medicine, UCSD, 1992-1999

  • Professor of Medicine, UCSD, 1999-Present

  • Associate UCSD Rheum-Allergy Division Director, 1999-2010

  • Interim Division Chief of the Rheumatology, Allergy and Immunology Division, UCSD, 2010-2013

  • UCSD Rheumatology Fellowship Training Program Director, 1999-2016


  • Biology Pre-Med Program, McGill University, Montreal, 1972

  • Medicine, McGill University, Montreal, 1976

  • Residency/Fellowship, Internal Medicine/Rheumatology, Montreal General Hospital, 1981

  • Postdoctoral fellow, Senior Research Associate, Immunology, Scripps Research Institute, 1985


National/Global Website: National Center for Biotechnology Information

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