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John H. Brock

John H. Brock


  • Ph.D.

Current Position(s): 

  • Research Health Science Specialist, VASDHS

  • Associate Project Scientist, UCSD

Personal Statement: 

The goal of Dr. Brock's research is to develop a treatment strategy for spinal cord injury (SCI). Using various models of SCI in rats, Dr. Brock is examining whether human neural stem cell transplantation into lesion sites will support recovery of motor, sensory and/or autonomic function. Furthermore, Dr. Brock is using novel trans-synaptic tracing techniques to map the synaptic connections from the host to graft-derived neurons and graft to host motor neurons. Dr. Brock's research program combines molecular, biochemistry and cell biology with systems neuroscience with the purpose to improve recovery following traumatic spinal cord injury.

Professional History:

  • 2017-2019, UCSD Assistant Project Scientist

  • 2012-2017, UCSD Post-doctoral Fellow


  • Ph.D. in Neuroscience, Mount Sinai School of Medicine

  • B.S. in Pharmacology, UC Santa Barbara

  • 2012, 4-week intensive course in models of spinal cord injury, UC Irvine

  • 2013, 12-week course in human embryonic stem cell techniques, UC San Diego

National/Global Website: National Center for Biotechnology Information

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