Synthetic Chemical Facility


Provides research services for investigators studying the physiological function of neurosteroids in the central nervous system and peripheral tissues. Neurosteroid compounds and their analogs are synthesized to a high degree of purity for peripheral and central administration to sub-human primates and rodents.

Service Charge for Synthesis Cost to VA, VMRF, and UCSD Purchaser *
Ganaxolone $450/100mg; $3,250/g
Allopregnanolone $400/100mg; $4,000/g
High specificity antisera to allopregnanolone, 0.5ml/vial $600/vial; $5,500 /12 vials
17-PA,  inhibitor of allopregnanolone binding sites $250/100mg; $2,250/g
Epiallopregnanolone $25/100mg; $200/g
Pregnanolone $100/100mg; $750/g
Epipregnanolone $50/100mg; $400/g
Pregnenolone $5/g; $400/100g
[17,21,21,21]-tetradeuterated exchangeable analogs of above       $250/50mg; $375/100mg
[3,11,12]-trideuterated non-exchangeable analogs of above           $200/10mg; $475/25mg
[16,16]-dideuterated DHEA                                                              $125/25mg; $400/100mg
[3a,16,16]-trideuterated DHEA $250/25mg; $800/100mg

$750/100mg; $6,060/g

Synthesis of steroid sulfates and other derivatives $75/hour plus cost of reagents
Synthesis of neuroprotective agents

$75/hour plus cost of reagents

  • Cost of synthesis and purification without overhead cost for VA, VMRF and UCSD research units. For further information, please contact Robert H. Purdy, Ph.D. at (858)-552-8585 ext 4-5368.