Muscle Tissue Core


Provides excess human muscle cultured cells for use of a tool to rapidly and effectively evaluate the biologic activity of new compounds in human muscle tissue using receptor reporting systems.


Metabolism Core Costs






Institutional Users


Outside Users*


Cell culture: propagate HSMC from biopsy









Provide excess HSMC









Maintain/treat adipose tissue in culture


$630 / biopsy sample







Adipose tissue: isolate adipocytes









Cell assays: glucose uptake in adherent cells (2-4 plates)









Determination of radioactivity in samples correcting for counting efficiency and quenching



$3.30/sample (performed in duplicate)


$4.40/sample (performed in duplicate)





FFA oxidation in adherent cells (2-4 plates)









Glucose transport in suspended cells: cells either isolated in lab (see above) or provided by user.











Pyrogenicity testing









Assays: glucose specific activity in plasma


$423 (per assay)


$599 (per assay)





Calculation of glucose production and utilization









Multiplex analysis of cytokines (1 plate)


$170 or $400


$241 or $566





Self-operation of multiplex equipment









Long-term sample storage (-80ºC)


$5.50 / box / month






Research data retrieval and collation


$29 / hour


$41 / hour




*For outside users pricing includes institutional indirect cost charges (41.6%)

For more information, please contact: Ted Ciaraldi, PhD
858.552.8585 x6450